Timber Crossbar Gates

The Timber Gates department can adapt to any style that you may require, including, but not limited to; Modern, Contemporary, Metropolitan, Classic, Saxony, Estate and naturally, the Traditional Farm designs.

When sourcing materials, Authentic Gates selects only the finest and most durable, seasoned timbers. Hand selected from carefully managed and ‘sustained yield’ licensed forests, these timbers are then handcrafted into practical objects of natural beauty.

All of the timber gates produced by Authentic Gates not only carry the stamp of true craftsmanship but are also fully supported by a ten-year warranty.

The answer you are seeking. Although our Timber Gates department prefers to work with timber sourced by the company, we are more than happy to work with whatever product your project requires.

Please feel free to Contact Us for more information. Cedar Joinery Pedestrian gates from $2100+ and drive way gates from $6500+.