Wrought Iron Gates

Though an age old technique, wrought iron work still holds its own today when it comes to architectural embellishment – especially in designing and manufacturing wrought iron gates. Dating back to pre-13th century, the methods and tools used in hand-wrought work remain very similar today, although much modern ironwork is aided by mechanical means.
Should your project require Wrought Iron, Authentic Gates is able to provide the solution. Working primarily from your own pictures, drawings and/or sketches, we enjoy the satisfaction found in narrowing a design down to exactly what our clients are looking for.

Using salvaged and recycled iron wherever possible, our environmentally friendly, wrought iron gates help maintain a low carbon footprint.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us today to send us your specifications or request further information by calling 1300 288 436. Genuine Wrought Iron pedestrian gates from $3100 + and driveway gates from $8000+